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7 years ago

Simone is a very good professional. She came to my house one time a week for a year to help my daughter Petra with the dutch language. During that time she help Petra to improve but also was able to make a very special connection with Petra. I was surprised with all the ideas that Simone came up to make Petra feel the learning as a playing time also: using puzzles, going out to look for things to improve vocabulary using seasons, memory games... I could not ask for better!
Thank you for everything Simone!

Simone has been the teacher of my daughter Anouk. A cheerful, enterprising girl of 7 years with intellectual disabilities. The contact between the two is so good that we asked Simone to come home too with Anouk play. Each time it is a feast for Anouk when Simone comes, and even for me :) I can get something for myself. Delicious so as to be able to walk out the door and you know that the home is going well because Simone is here!

Sandra Hoogerwerf