When Life Happens - The Podcast

In the podcast series I will be talking to guests about events that changed their lives. We all know them, those experiences in our lives that we would rather not think about, that brought us grief and caused a deep wound. Slowly it has become a scar, but a whole journey has preceded that. Sometimes we only recognise later in life that the wound is still open and we never let it heal. In my working career as a pedagogue I have had many conversations with children, adolescents and adults. All different, and yet all the same. All were pure, powerful and inspiring. By sharing, they gave strength to others. Now more than ever, we need connection and recognition. Connection which crosses borders. With one another and for one another.

Episode 01: Candice Mama

In this talk I speak with Candice Mama about trauma, recovering and finding your way in life. Her work in forgiveness, reconciliation and trauma began after her story of forgiving apartheid assassin and her father’s murderer, Eugene De Kock, made international news. Now she is one of Vogue's Magazine top 33 most inspiring women alongside Michelle Obama and Malala. Beside that Candice is named in the top 20 most inspiring women by The UN. But above all she is an amazing human being. I recommend everyone to read her book forgiveness redifiened.