Kinderwijs provides private counseling / coaching but is also to hire by schools and organizations.  

Your child is unique! Our goal is to let your child flourish as an individual. We do not work from a label but work to discover their true needs and perspectives. Instead of thinking from a theoretical framework, we work with multiple voices and find a way that is appropriate for your child. This means we use your child’s talents and capabilities as a base for this process. In short. when children are given tailored guidance, each child can be the best that they can be.

You can come to us for :

Educational guidence:

- Language Support
- Anxiety
- Concentration problems
- Giftedness

Parenting advice and coaching

- Divorce processing  
- Trauma
- Education Questions: How do I deal with ....
- Adolescence
- Sexual Education

Behaviour and development: 

  • - Aggressive behaviour
    - rebellion
    - social anxiety
    - identity problems
    - gloom
    - game/play problems
    - Insecurity / low self esteem
    - bedwetting
    - adhesion issues

Private offer:

For :

- Parents who want to hire Kinderwijs at school (in or outside the classroom)

- Parents who want to hire Kinderwijs guidance at home.

This is possible by using a pgb.



We understand that some children have difficulty learning, personal behaviors, and other concerns and problems. In cooperation with you and your child, we will look for talents and abilities and ensure that your child stands on his own empowerment.


Intake: free

Guidance en coaching : 40 euro .


More information about PGB and payment can be found at

When you receive PGB is possible for us to pay these fees