Personal budget (PGB) and funding for schools

Funding for individuals and counseling in schools:

When your child is in regular education and still needs more care than what the school offers, there is funding available. In the context of appropriate education depends on this additional care on the age of your child and the size of the extent of care.


Students under 18 years
Counseling and personal care falls under the juvenile law (city), even if the care is needed at school. Municipalities work together with the appropriate education. Nursing and related personal care in an education system falls under the health insurance. As a parent you can  make arrangements with the school.
Pupils aged 18 and older
Guidance is reimbursed at school from the Social Support Act

Personal budget:

People who need support from a disability or illness can make use of the personal budget. They can decide which care they need  and who they want to enable this. There are four types of this PGB; s in the Netherlands:


Conditions for apply pgb:

Would you like to apply for PGB for hiring Kinderwijs. then there is an indication necessary for residential care, supervision or child welfare. By PGB there are specific conditions. Terms and conditions:

* The applicant must be able to substantiate why he needs a PGB .

* The applicant must be able to manage the PGB  to buy it.